Peptiva Products

Peptiva® + Sleep Support

Peptiva® Probiotics + Sleep Support is a doctor-formulated nighttime probiotic supplement combining clinically validated probiotic strains with key sleep-support ingredients to restore balance while you sleep.

$59.99 / Package

Peptiva® Advanced Digestive Relief

Peptiva® Advanced Digestive Relief is a high-quality, potent, daily probiotic supplement that contains a powerful variety of clinically validated strains for maximum effectiveness - plus guaranteed potency through the expiration date. It also contains a stress relief and calming matrix.

$64.99 / Package

Peptiva® Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes + Prodigest

Peptiva® Digestive Enzymes + ProDigest® is an advanced formula with a full spectrum of 17 digestive enzymes that help optimize the break down of proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and milk sugars and provide relief from occasional gas and bloating. It also contains Prodigest®, a patented combination of artichoke leaves and ginger root, to promote gastric emptying and healthy digestion.

$34.99 / Package