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Restore Your Gut Health As You Sleep

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Survey Shows 74% of Americans Are Living with Digestive Discomfort: Meet The Revolutionary Probiotic That Can Restore Optimal Health

or centuries, the best doctors have said that good health begins with the gut. Even Hippocrates, the most influential figure in the history of medicine, preached this view.

Certain body systems, physical performance, and emotional and mental wellbeing are all dependent on your gut. A healthy digestive tract is so critical and complex that modern scientists are calling it the body’s “second brain.”

What few people know is your gut does so much more than just digest food. It’s the front line of defense against health risks and the primary source of food processing. And it affects every other system in the body— not just the digestive system.

No matter how healthy you eat, how much you exercise, or how much sleep you get, if you have an imbalance in the gut, you’ll feel less than 100%. Think about it… is your body’s progress in line with the effort you give day in and day out? Or does your disciplined diet and hard work still leave you with feeling lackluster and getting below average results?

Believe it or not, the answer to your health woes could be hidden in the unlikeliest place of all—bacteria. Though you usually associate bacteria as something bad that causes risks, there are good, healthy strains your body needs to function properly. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria naturally found in the gut, which prevent the harmful bacteria from wreaking havoc.

Probiotics replenish the healthy gut bacteria.

Unfortunately, you may be accidentally killing your good bacteria. The environment and what we put into our bodies threaten our bacteria. When the ratio of good to bad bacteria becomes imbalanced, you can experience those undesirable side effects like irregular bowel movements, gas, bloating, discomfort, and so many other embarrassing (and quite frankly, serious) symptoms.

In an attempt to restore your healthy bacteria levels, you might be consuming more yogurts, kefirs, and other foods that are supposedly rich in the good bacteria. What you may not know is most options you’d find at the grocery store are teeming with artificial sweeteners and preservatives and don’t actually have a lot of probiotics.

Even those marketing a high CFU count are often misleading. If the strains are not stable, the beneficial bacteria could get destroyed by your stomach acid and bile before it reaches your intestine. This provides no benefit.

So, what can you do? Just sit back while the bad bacteria take over your body?

No. The solution is simple: a high-quality, potent, daily probiotic supplement with an abundance of science and clinical research behind it. Probiotics can restore the beneficial bacteria, so you can live happy and healthy without the uncomfortable bloating, discomfort, and irregularity.

As you’ve likely noticed, there are countless probiotic supplements on the market. And not all are created equal. You don’t want to invest your hard-earned cash on a supplement that doesn’t work.

That’s why Dr. David Katz, a health and wellness thought leader and the Director and Co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, helped formulate a groundbreaking probiotic supplement that increases the good bacteria in your system within just a few months of continued daily use.

"This powerful nighttime probiotic attacks two problems— poor digestion and poor sleep. With Peptiva, you can improve digestive comfort and balance with continued daily use, while also enjoying more restful sleep every night."

Dr. David L. Katz

Chief Medical Advisor for Peptiva

Unlike other probiotic supplements, Peptiva contains a powerful variety of clinically validated strains for maximum effectiveness— plus guaranteed potency through the expiration date. This means the bacteria will still be living when it reaches your body, so you can experience the best benefits possible.

And it’s one of the only nighttime probiotic supplements to help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Restful sleep is needed for your body to restore and rejuvenate itself.

With Peptiva, you can:

  • Support the balance of good bacteria within your intestinal tract
  • Promote intestinal comfort, function, and regularity
  • Reduce occasional abdominal discomfort and bloating

After 30 minutes you can:

  • Feel calm, relaxed, and de-stressed
  • Enjoy deeper, more satisfying sleep
Target Your Digestive Discomfort And Difficulties At The Source!
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Are you in a battle with digestive discomfort and irregularity? Do your digestive difficulties keep you up at night and make it difficult to go about your daily life?

Issues like occasional bloating, indigestion, constipation, or having to take extra trips to the restroom aren’t only an inconvenience and annoyance— they can also be incredibly embarrassing and exhausting.

So much so that you choose to stay home and away from the people and things you love. You’ve even had to give up the foods you want most, in fear that they’ll upset your stomach. This is no way to live your life, is it?

As uncomfortable and burdensome as your digestive symptoms can be, the truth is your body’s trying to tell you something. It’s asking for help.

Think about your body like a car… it gives you little warnings and signals when something isn’t right. It’s about time you listened to what your body is trying to tell you.

The reason you and so many others feel this way is because of an imbalance in beneficial gut bacteria. A lot of things can destroy the healthy bacteria, including stress, processed foods, and even the environment.

Rather than masking your symptoms with a chewable for temporary relief, it’s time to address the problem head on with Peptiva Probiotics + Sleep Support. This advanced, doctor-formulated supplement combines powerful probiotic strains with sleep-support ingredients to create the perfect restorative state for your body to mend and rejuvenate itself.

You can restore the healthy bacteria for significantly better digestive comfort, balance, and regularity with continued daily use. Keep reading to find out how…

Unique Probiotic Formula Sets A Higher Industry Standard

Did you know healthy digestion and restful sleep go hand-in-hand?

When you’re asleep, your body powers down and restores itself. Your digestive system has little activity at this time, as well as less exposure to the common threats that can destroy the healthy gut bacteria. But, when you have digestive issues, you may struggle to reach the calm, restful state that’s needed for your body to be restored.

That’s why Dr. David L. Katz helped create an innovative probiotic supplement that focuses not only on healthy digestion, but also on restful sleep and relaxation. Featuring a combination of key sleep-support ingredients, Peptiva helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep at night, allowing your body to mend itself. This sleep component is what sets his formula apart from other probiotics on the market.

But that’s not all. Dr. Katz helped ensure the supplement was formulated with a very specific blend of probiotic strains, or types of healthy bacteria, that were shown to be effective in human clinical studies.(2, 3) It’s important you understand that not all probiotic strains are created equal. Some support your digestive health better than others.

To ensure maximum benefits for you and your gut, Dr. Katz included these powerful probiotic strains at the exact potency confirmed in the clinical tests.(2, 3) And, most importantly, these strains will be alive at the time of consumption, and reach your intestine where they will thrive and deliver outstanding support and relief.

This powerful combination of ingredients can’t be found anywhere else!

Dr. David L. Katz
Chief Medical Advisor for Peptiva
  • Director and Co-Founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center
  • Director of Integrative Medicine at Griffin Hospital
  • President Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Internationally renowned authority on Nutrition, Prevention/Health Promotion, Weight Management, and Integrative Wellness
It Starts with the Clinically Validated Proprietary Probiotic Matrix
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Active Microbiome Blend

Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus paracasei: Clinically validated probiotic strains that promote regularity, intestinal wellbeing, and comfortable digestion. They effectively colonize the intestinal epithelium tissue and stimulate the growth and activity of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli bacteria for a healthier gut and improved bowel habits with continued daily use.(3)

Lab4™ Clinical Cultures

Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis, and Bifidobacterium bifidum: A clinically validated multi-strain probiotic that helps increase the beneficial bacteria in your system. It reduces abdominal discomfort and bloating and supports digestive satisfaction, healthy bowel habits, and quality life with continued daily use.(3)

There is no other formula with this powerful combination of scientifically-backed probiotic strains. These 6 clinically validated strains have guaranteed potency through expiration and result in a significant increase in beneficial bacteria in your system. This means they’ll be live and active in your intestine for exceptional support.

Dr. Katz also added these key ingredients to the potent formula…


A natural source of GABA (produced through a process of lactobacillus fermentation) that eases stress, promotes a calm state of mind, enhances physical relaxation, and promotes restful sleep. Clinical studies show it significantly increases alpha waves, which are generated during relaxation, while decreasing beta waves, which are seen in highly stressful situations and when there is difficulty in concentration. PharmaGABA® can also help normalize urinary patterns that can disrupt sleep, plus improve feelings upon waking.(1), (4)


A nighttime sleep aid, which helps control the body’s circadian rhythm — your sleep and wake cycles. The immediate release of melatonin helps you feel sleepier at bedtime and fall asleep faster, while the delayed release promotes a deeper, more satisfying night’s sleep. Peptiva gradually releases melatonin so you can sleep soundly through the night.

Valerian Root Extract

A medicinal herb derived from the root of the plant Valeriana officinalis that’s been used since at least the time of ancient Greece and Rome and has some relaxation properties.

The ingredients in Peptiva are safe, non-habit-forming, and drug-free.

Powerful Claims Supported By Substantial Clinical Evidence

Unlike other probiotic supplements, Peptiva isn’t backed by false claims. The amazing benefits of Peptiva’s key ingredients are supported by extensive scientific research and clinical studies. Clinical studies have found:

  • Active Microbiome Blend significantly increases lactobacillus counts and significantly improves intestinal regularity, bowel habits, and consistency after 12 weeks.*(3)
  • Lab4® Clinical Cultures can significantly improve total intestinal symptoms, such as occasional bloating, abdominal discomfort, satisfaction with bowel habit, and quality of life after 8 weeks.*(2)
  • PharmaGABA® clinical research shows it can help induce a calm state of mind and relaxation to promote sleep.(1)

Balanced is restored.

The clinical evidence speaks for itself. With this breakthrough formula, you can improve your digestive health, while also reaping the benefits of better sleep and relaxation. And there are no known adverse reactions or negative effects, so it’s not only effective— but safe too!

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Clinically Validated Probiotic Strains
Guaranteed Potency Through Expiration
No Refrigeration
Guaranteed Quality And Potency Through Expiration

When searching for a powerful probiotic, many people make the mistake of focusing on the CFU count. They assume that the higher the CFU count, the higher the quality. This isn’t always true.

What you need to understand is it doesn’t matter how many billions of CFUs a probiotic has if they’re not all there when you take it. Many probiotics, especially those marketing ridiculously high CFU counts, lose their potency before expiration, which does you no good.

In order to benefit from your probiotic supplement, the healthy bacteria must be live and active when it reaches your intestine. A lot of probiotics lose their potency even before they enter your body.

Bacteria is a living organism that’s vulnerable to heat and moisture. When not kept in the proper environment, like under refrigeration, the beneficial bacteria die off, leaving you with an empty, useless pill.

Here’s a dirty little secret about the probiotic industry. Many popular national brands, including Align®, Garden of Life®, and Schiff, only guarantee the potency at the time they make the product, not when you actually take it.

Peptiva is one of the very few probiotic brands engineered and tested to guarantee full label potency through the expiration date, so the probiotics are live and active when you take them.

To guarantee 100% potency of Peptiva through the expiration date, we use a proprietary Triphase Dehydration process. This guarantees all 26 billion cultures in each dose of Peptiva are live and active when they reach your intestine to provide you with the best possible benefits. Peptiva uses this exclusive process that protects against damage from heat and oxidation and ensures maximum potency and quality. And it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

It’s much more expensive to guarantee potency throughout the shelf life of a probiotic, but Peptiva believes you deserve full label potency. So, if you don’t take Peptiva, do you even know what you’re getting by the time you take it?

Restore Your Gut Health And Get Back To Comfortable Living!

Remember when you could go through the day, without the extra bathroom trips, bloating, and embarrassing digestive issues? And when your discomfort and irregularity didn’t keep you up at night? It may seem like ages ago. But with Peptiva, you can get back to living comfortably, happily, and healthy.

  • 6 Clinically Validated Strains With 26 Billion Active Cultures(2, 3)
  • Just 1 Nightly Pill For Healthy And Comfortable Digestion
  • Supports The Balance Of Good Bacteria Within Your Intestinal Tract
  • Guaranteed Potency Through Expiration For Optimal Health Benefits
  • Sleep Blend With PharmaGABA®, Melatonin, and Valerian Root

This formula is the only one to include this unique combination of scientifically-backed strains at the clinical level of potency, plus key calming ingredients for restful sleep.

With benefits like these, you’d be silly not to at least try it…

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