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Relieve indigestion, bloating, and irregularity.

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Get soothing sleep support and restore your gut.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed, 1 nightly capsule, key natural ingredients, doctor formulated
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Tired Of Wasting Time And Money
On Probiotics That Don’t Work?

Now there’s an elite doctor-formulated probiotic that delivers powerful, soothing relief, supported by years of science and clinical research…

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Are you taking a probiotic, but your problems still continue? Do you STILL have annoying indigestion, bloating, constipation, or discomfort from time to time?

There are so many reasons your probiotic might not be working. Why should you continue to throw away time and money on probiotics that DON'T work when you can try the one that DOES?

100% satisfaction guaranteed, 1 nightly capsule, key natural ingredients, doctor formulated

4 Problems With Other Probiotics
You Can’t Ignore

(And How We Fixed Them)

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Problem 1. The Wrong Bacteria Strains

Many probiotics lack the right strains and even contain ingredients that are bad for your gut. The six strains shown in clinical studies to actually help your gut are missing from ALL other probiotics.

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Peptiva Solution: The Right Bacteria Strains

Peptiva is doctor formulated using the most cutting-edge science and research— not budgets or guesswork. Only Peptiva has the specific blend of six clinically validated strains to restore a healthy gut.

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Problem 2. The Strains May Be Dead

Many popular probiotic brands, including Align, Schiff, and Garden of Life, only guarantee their products’ potencies at the time they’re made— not when you actually take them. This does you no good.

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Peptiva Solution: Guaranteed Potency

We use a special Tri-Phase manufacturing process that guarantees all 26 billion healthy bacteria in each dose of Peptiva are alive and active when you take it by the expiration date. No refrigeration required.

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Problem 3. Killed By Stomach Acid

Many brands use weak strains that are KILLED by stomach acid before they can even reach your intestines. A lot of companies try to overcompensate with ridiculously high CFU counts as a marketing ploy.

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Peptiva Solution: Survived Through GI Tract

Our probiotic strains have been rigorously tested to ensure their ability to survive harsh stomach acid. Researchers tracked their passage through the human GI tract to guarantee maximum effectiveness.

bad time

Problem 4. Taken At The Wrong Time

Taking a probiotic during the day may not give your digestive system a fighting chance. Your system’s too busy dealing with food, drink, and stress.

good time

Peptiva Solution: Taken At The Right Time

Peptiva is the first and only probiotic specifically formulated for nighttime, when your body is at its restorative best. It works while you sleep and without interference, so you feel great all day.

3 Easy Steps To Rebuild A Healthy Gut

No other probiotic provides such powerful, rejuvenating results.

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Take Peptiva 30-60 minutes before bed. As you wind down for sleep, this sets up the perfect environment for the probiotics to thrive in your system and rejuvenate your health.


The healthy bacteria make their journey through your digestive tract and land in your small and large intestines, where they colonize and work to repopulate and restore your gut.


Peptiva works all night so you can feel good all day. Thanks to a great night's sleep and a healthy gut, you can feel so much more energized, productive, and happier.

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What Happens When You Take Peptiva Every Night?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to notice your bloating go down and your bathroom habits improve. As the probiotics replenish your system, you’ll start noticing your bowel habits become more regular and your indigestion become significantly reduced.

Peptiva is Doctor Formulated

Most supplements have unknown origins. But Peptiva was carefully formulated with the help of world-renowned Dr. David Katz.

  • Director and Co-Founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center
  • Founding Director of the Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital
  • Former President-Elect of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Exceptional Health Starts With
Exceptional Ingredients

Peptiva® is the only probiotic with these clinically validated ingredients backed by over 7 clinical studies.

Lab4™ Clinical Cultures

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study found Lab4™ probiotics significantly reduced bloating and gastrointestinal discomfort and improved digestive satisfaction and quality of life after six weeks, compared to placebo, with benefits that continued to improve throughout an eight-week period.

Active Microbiome Blend

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving healthy subjects between 18 and 65 years old found Active Microbiome Blend significantly improved intestinal regularity, intestinal comfort, stool volume, and health-related quality of life, compared to placebo. Lactobacillus counts significantly increased over the 12 weeks in the feces of the probiotic group, and the two strains in the blend were detected in these fecal samples.

As an added bonus...

We also added PharmaGABA®, Valerian Root, and immediate and delayed release Melatonin to help you relax and get the best night’s sleep.

Don’t Miss Your Chance For A Sample

It’s flying off shelves in GNC, but ONLINE is the only place to try it first!

We’re so confident Peptiva will transform your health that we’re offering new customers 15-day samples to try it first.

Where else can you try something before you buy it these days? We wouldn’t be able to offer such a deep discount if Peptiva didn’t work! (That’s why other brands can’t make this same exclusive offer.)

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It’s Helped Them And
It Can Help YOU Too!

Your journey to better health and happiness starts here.

Shirley S.

"One of the best products I have tried. I have been using this product for about a month and a half. I have seen a big improvement with my stomach issues. I have digestive problems and I will continue to use this product. I have poor sleep and it has improved my sleep habits."

Dale J.

"I would recommend this product to anyone and especially those with stomach and digestive problems. This works! The best probiotic I have ever used. It has helped a lot and I’m sleeping better at night. Great product."

Cathy R.

"Love this stuff. Nothing worked until I tried this product. I love it. I’ve been taking it now for about six weeks and have not had to eat yogurt, drink keifer or kombucha or antacids. I’ve tried so many probiotics and nothing worked like Peptiva....thank you for saving my stomach."

Wendy L.

"MUST have! Love this stuff! Extremely gentle on your system all the way around. Not only did I sleep and not wake up groggy but also woke up not feeling as bloated. I highly recommend this product!"

Kiva S.

"No more sleepless nights. This product does just what it says it will! I haven't slept this good in years. My stomach is doing much better. It is a win/win situation."


"Five Stars. Great product! Taking a probiotic that also allows you to sleep is what I was waiting for."

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