Everything You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Probiotic


ur gut health affects so much more than we realize.

In fact, a growing body of evidence continues to link poor gut health to a wide range of health problems, from bloating and poor digestion to sleep issues.

Do you know what helps improve gut health? Bacteria. Do you know what else helps? A probiotic. And what’s the best probiotic? We’ll get to that. But, first, a little about good bacteria.

Scientists estimate more than 1 pound of bacteria exists in our intestinal tract. With hundreds of different species of bacteria colonizing in our stomach, it makes sense our bodies rely on them so heavily to achieve optimal health and maintain our overall well-being.

And it makes sense that you’re looking for the best probiotic to help improve gut health.

Probiotics replenish the healthy gut bacteria.

Some diets around the world naturally include plenty of raw and fermented foods, which are filled with many different strains of healthy bacteria. However, the modern American diet often includes sweet and fatty foods, which deplete the body of beneficial bacteria, as well as processed and pasteurized foods, which feed the harmful bacteria.

So, it’s no wonder tens of millions of Americans crave digestive relief. And if you’re one of them, you probably avoid certain foods you once loved for fear of uncomfortable side effects like irregularity, indigestion, and bloating. Digestive issues might even affect your work life or other daily responsibilities.

If the bad bacteria outweighs the good bacteria in your gut, you’ll likely feel imbalanced. Even if you do your best to eat healthy, you can still suffer from digestive issues. But if your body has the proper resources it needs, the beneficial bacteria can flourish, helping to boost your gut health and break down food.

So, what’s the solution? How about the best probiotic of its kind?

If you’re looking to invest in a new, healthier life, Peptiva has helped thousands have a less sensitive stomach. And it’s the only nighttime probiotic supplement that helps you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly.

In a matter of weeks, Peptiva will support the balance of good bacteria within your intestinal tract. This means it will promote intestinal comfort, improve function and regularity, and reduce discomfort and bloating. Just one tiny capsule before bed is all it takes to ensure your body has the essential ingredients it needs to fall asleep fast, stay asleep, and restore gut health. Try it, and you’ll see why our customer rave it’s the best probiotic.

Formulated with the help of Dr. David Katz – the director and co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center and an international authority on nutrition and wellness – you can’t find this powerful combination of clinically validated ingredients anywhere else.

Dr. David Katz

Founding Director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center and Chief Medical Advisor for Peptiva

Peptiva is one of only a few probiotic brands that guarantees its potency through the expiration date. This means all 26 billion cultures in each dose of Peptiva are live and active when they reach your intestine to provide maximum benefits to you and your gut.

So what’s the best probiotic? Try ours and feel the difference for yourself.

With Peptiva you can:

  • Support the balance of good bacteria within your intestinal tract
  • Promote intestinal comfort, function, and regularity
  • Reduce occasional abdominal discomfort and bloating
  • Renew digestive health with clinical strength probiotic strains
  • Feel calm, relaxed, and de-stressed
  • Enjoy deeper, more satisfying sleep

Don’t lose any more sleep over your digestive health. With Peptiva – our two-in-one supplement that delivers healthy digestion and restful sleep – it’s possible to live a more regular life.