Boost Your Digestive Health In The Summer Heat

When it gets hot and humid, your body’s internal furnace runs a little bit cooler as a way to protect itself.

So in the hotter months, if you move more slowly, feel more sleepy or just notice your balance is off, there’s a good chance it could have something to do with the relationship between your body temperature and the temperature outside.

Exposure to heat can cause your digestive system to weaken, which means you must be proactive if you want to maintain good gut health this summer. Here are some easy ways you can keep your gut in check.

Eat Lighter

Opt for eating small, regular meals vs. a few super heavy meals.

Cut back on sugar and processed foods.

• Fill up on summer fruits and vegetables, like melons, cucumbers, squash and zucchini.

Stay Hydrated

• It’s extra important to get your daily intake of water in the summer.

• Freshly squeezed fruit juices replenish electrolytes lost in the heat.

• Infuse your water with digestive-enhancing spices like rosemary and basil.

Keep Moving

• Regular exercise helps keep the digestive system healthy.

•  Exercise early in the morning or late at night to avoid heat.

• Hit the pool. Swimming keeps the body cool as you exercise.

Take A Probiotic

• You can minimize digestive woes by limiting or removing certain foods from your diet, but you also can fortify your gut by taking a daily probiotic supplement like Peptiva.

• Doctor-formulated Peptiva helps counteract the effects of poor gut health while keeping your digestive system running smoothly.

• This powerhouse supplement is the only nighttime probiotic that delivers a one-two punch of improved gut health and better sleep.

Here's to your health! 

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